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These say it all!

I Guess Chrysler Needs Another Bailout

So,I decided to get a new car (someone has to stimulate the economy). In the process of trading in my old one,they inform me that I will get a refund on the unused portion of my Extended Warranty policy. The policy was issued by a multi-brand dealer,so for whatever reason they used the Chrysler program. After waiting several weeks,I receive a check for $250.97 (a ripoff since I paid $2k for the warranty). Guess what? The check from Chrysler bounced when I deposited it. So now I guess we’re gonna have to give Chrysler another bailout package so I can get my $250 back. I should have driven over to ASU to see if President Porkulus was willing to cough up a few bucks,but I didn’t want to break his concentration reading his address from the teleprompter.

AIG Strikes Again!!!

Turns out AIG lied about who was getting bonuses and how much they were getting. Estimates are now up to $430 milllion being paid out,including bonuses to the divisions that were losing money. Oh well,what’s another $300 million between friends.

Pure Stupidity In The White House!

How oblivious do you have to be to think that sending a low-flying aircraft through Manhattan wouldn’t upset people? They didn’t even have the brains to tell the Mayor of New York so that the citizens wouldn’t be alarmed.

How did they expect the people of New York to react? How can you expect a city that was terrorized by an attack to not feel threatened as a result of your stupid “photo op”? Not to mention the wasted money. Why not just Photoshop a new picture and save the taxpayers thousands of dollars? Well,I guess it’s easy when it’s someone else’s money. The arrogance and inconsideration displayed by the White House is unbelieveable!

This is a perfect example of how this Administration is living in their own little world without consideration of their actions. Even President Porkulus admits to knowing about this beforehand. Guess they forgot to add this bit of information to his teleprompter!

Who’s Ready For More Tea Parties?

I thought the Tea Party was a great idea. I met some great peolpe and was really encouraged that people were rallying together to express their feelings about how the Government is trashing America. I hope organizers realize the potential of the parties and schedule more of them,and soon.

Want To See What’s Up With Your Tax Dollars?


Glad To See Somebody’s Having A Good Time In This Economy


Arizona’s Tea Party At The State Capitol

Just got back from the State Capitol. Wow,what an event. I would guess around 15,000 people. The MSM news channels were there (although they’ll probably say no one showed up). The people were great and the signs were creative and relevant. It’s amazing how united the group in their support. Wore the “Jesus Saves Obama Spends”t-shirt offered on this site and people loved it. Must have had a 100 people take a picture of it. If you want to grab yours,it’s

Show Them How You Feel About President Porkulus!

Show them you’ve had enough. The mainstream media is playing down the Tea Parties as the follies of the lunatic fringe. This is our chance to show them we are a strong grassroots movement comprised of true Americans that have seen enough in the short time Obama has been in office. Get your t-shirt at

AIG Bonuses! Let’s Thank President Porkulus!

With all the stink about being contractually obligated to pay off the incompetent management staff at AIG,a thought came to mind. I don’t know when the $165 million in AIG bonuses are contractually due,but how about deferring them until AIG pays back the billions of dollars they stole from the taxpayers? If these people are as talented as they think they are (we know better),than maybe that would motivate them to turn AIG around. It’s better than being taxed 90%.